Tiffany Rings - The Engagement Ring Women Dream About

You know about that distinct blue box - the robin's egg blue one. The one that Tiffany Rings come in. They contain the Tiffany rings that, supposedly, women dream of receiving for their engagement.

Most people will agree that Tiffany engagement rings have the reputation worldwide of being the most exquisite. This reputation allows Tiffany's to demand the highest prices for their rings. But - are their rings really worth these high prices?

Even though many women have this dream of receiving a Tiffany engagement ring on their engagement, aren't the rings from Tiffany's mostly about the aura of luxury? Of course, there's no doubt at all that the rings produced by Tiffany are incredibly beautiful, and have amazing designs. But does this really justify the high prices of their rings?

The name of Tiffany truly stands for status and luxury. And, that is precisely what provides them with the ability to demand such high prices for their rings.

Keep in mind that when shopping for a Tiffany ring, that the Tiffany image and brand are more of what you're buying than the product itself. Diamonds with the same clarity and quality of those in rings from Tiffany's are available elsewhere, in most cases, up to forty to seventy percent less than what Tiffany charges for their fantastic rings.

Certainly, there is no denying that Tiffany rings are very elegant. However, truth be told, one can find diamonds with very comparable quality for much less.

For those that are in the know, one of the things that dis-concerts them is knowing that the grading of all Tiffany diamonds is done in-house, rather than having them sent out for independent analysis and grading of their clarity and color. Yes, the reputation of Tiffany's is quite impeccable. However, this question of in- house grading of their diamonds begs the question of whether Tiffany's truly has an advantage over their competitors.

There is still left this lingering question of whether the grading of diamonds in-house is as demanding as it would be if done by independent outside reputable labs. Of course, the diamonds with the highest grade will always be priced higher, and there is no exception to this rule with Tiffany engagement rings.

Tiffany rings are without doubt incredibly beautiful. Their design can even be stunning. But, it can still be asked whether a Tiffany ring is worth the price paid for them, except for maybe providing the right to brag to friends and relative who may be rather envious.

It makes a great deal of sense, that if a Tiffany ring is what you're looking for, that it can be very worth your while to take the time and research the possibility of alternatives for diamond engagement ring designs. They are available in designs just as fantastic and beautiful as Tiffany rings. And - you'll spend much, much less.
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