Moving Plot about Tiffany Bangle

How moving this screen is! How nice the man is! How happiness the woman is! How beautiful the Tiffany Bangles is! There is nothing more moving than it. I am willing to do anything if a man does the same deed for me. You may ask me what make me so crazy. It is my favorite Korea opera which is always romantic and aesthetic. I am usually obsessed by it. At the beginning of the article, that is a moving plot which I can remember forever in my heart. Now, I can share with you together.

That is the most moving plot which I have not seen before. A man and a woman were sitting in a coffee store and have a chat. On that day, it was the woman's birthday. The store was elegant and had a nice circumstance. Suddenly, the men stood up and approached the woman and bended down to put his prepared birthday gift which is a nice bangle on the woman's ankle. The woman had a little surprise and embarrassed at first. At that time, any other custom in the coffee store put sight on them and smiled. They definitely thought how sweetness this couple was. I also think so.

If you are a woman, you do not admire this woman, do you? Although it is seen on the TV, may be it has a little untrue, we still are moved by the man, by this sweet couple. I think in this world, no woman will fell indifferent when her man does this deed for her. If that is me, I will love him forever and keep him in my heart forever. Even if he put the fake bangle on my ankle, I also am willing to do anything for him. What is your opinion about it?

But when you are a man, what do you think after reading this plot? Have you done it for your girlfriend or your wife? Can you do it? You may say "yes, I do". But I think it is a bit difficult for most men in reality. If you can not, it does not matter as it will not represent you do not love your lover. I only want to express most women like romantic.

In our life, we usually can see some struggle between couples. If we sometimes do some romantic deed, I think love will last longer and life will become sweeter. Do not need costly tiffany bangles, do not need expensive wine, do not need to sit in an elegant coffee store, you also could create sweetness for your loved one. Add your life some sweet, you will find more moving thing in the whole life.
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