Lv Symbol of Status Mens Choice

Some people say LV Mens Bag only belongs to women. Without bags women's dressing is not shiny enough to attract others' attention. However, bag to men is also very important. It stands for the status and it makes gentlemen more attractive. In the following picture, there is a kind of men's business bag. As everyone knows that men think the enterprise is a part of their life.

Owning a tasteful business bag adds to men's charm. I believe this bag will make them more confident. LV, as a wide known brand, is not only showing a man's manliness but also raising his status. The design of the bag is involved in designer's every effort. Dark blue is very suitable to men. It expresses men's deepness and goodness inside. People will think you are a reliable person. Simple design makes the bag and the person who wears it generous. It is different from girl's bag whose design is usually very complicated and it just emphasises men's characters.

People will be impressed by the generosity you showed to them with the bag. Grid pattern makes the bag not so dull. From the detail we can see that the design is very reasonable. The pattern adds to the liveliness and makes the bag more fashionable. Men will surely love it. The bag is made of very precious Mahina cowhide and Damier Gean canvas. It feels very soft and it is also very practical. Its zipper is unique. It is added to the designer's creation. All the metal is of top class which is very shiny. It feel smooth and the shiny colour will never fade. The lining is also made of canvas and it is not easily worn out. Inside the bag there are a few pockets and you can put some important things in them. And as to the strap, it can be adjusted to the perfect length.

Wearing this bag to go to work will definitely make you fashionable and attractive. Don't even think that men don't need a bag and to the contrary, bag is more necessary to men than to women. It is not only the symbol of one's status but also make him very respectable. This bag I recommend to you is just what you need. Does it set your heart racing? Then don't hesitate any more!
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