Armani Mens Watches - Style and Class: It's All on the Wrist

Accessorizing has two extremes in the world of men’s fashion: understated elegance, and overstated flamboyance. For those who prefer a subtle addition to their already-fashionable lives, there is no better option than Armani men’s watches. From understated leather bands to white gold and everything in between, Armani’s watches are a dose of instant class and elegance for the discerning male buyer.

Armani’s mens watches come in a variety of styles, including both leather and gold bands, as well as everything from simple timepieces to sportier watches with built-in stopwatches and timers. On the low end, one can expect to pay roughly $200 for the least expensive Armani men’s watches. The prices move upward from there, depending on the band and the features of the watch, topping out around $600.

For durability as well as eye-catching style, nothing beats a white gold band. Armani excels in this particular space, offering a wide variety of styles and price points. Their more athletic stylings feature a date tracker as well as a timer which captures seconds and milliseconds. More basic models (for the minimalist in all of us) simply feature the clock, with hour, minute, and second hands. And while these watches don’t do as many things as their athletic counterparts, there’s something to be said about doing one thing and doing it well — while looking good.

Armani’s leather bands are crafted with Italian leather, as any seasoned shopper would expect. These bands, too, accompany both athletic and minimalist faces, and come in a stunning black as well as a rich mahogany color that is not to be missed.

Every Armani watch comes with a two-year limited warranty that covers both the band and the face of the watch, as well as the crystal on the face of the watch. Service is provided free for life on any minor adjustments to the watch — such as battery replacements or adding/subtracting links from the wristband. Those services make Armani men’s watches a truly wonderful value. A one-time watch purchase comes with peace of mind that will follow with the watch for the duration of its use.

And the true style of these watches cannot be overstated. They are not “trendy” watches, but “stylish” watches. Unlike many fashion retailers who sell brightly-colored, trendy watches that will not be worn six months from now, Armani’s selection is classic and will fit well with any outfit, any style, any time from now until well into the future.

When buying a watch, it’s important to keep in mind that this is an accessory of high value; and it should maintain its value over time. It should also be durable and made of only the highest-quality materials. Armani ensures both, and backs that up with a two-year warranty and free service. Combined with the gravitas of the Armani name, they are a truly unbeatable value and a requirement for any man who wants to take the easy path to sophistication and high-class style.
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