Womens Sandals Give New Meaning to Less is More

Warmer months ahead signal a fashion shift as women transition to clothes that bare more and give an opportunity to flirt with fun new styles. Casting aside heavy fall and winter wear, women are treated to a range of colors, textures and fabric choices for the 2010 spring and summer seasons.

One of the hottest go-to accessory trends of this season can be found in womens sandals. There are endless options available, but especially appealing are today's customized flip flops. You could easily spend a year's clothing budget on a collection of womens sandals, or choose just one sandal with infinite possibilities.

Customized womens flip flops allow the wearer to instantly transform the look into hundreds of styles, letting you do all the things you want and still look fabulous. This look goes great with this season's hottest trends, including mini-skirts, boy shorts, denim, flowery shift dresses, and tribal prints. Capris are also a favorite wardrobe staple that pair beautifully with customized womens sandals. . No matter what the mood or style you're after, these womens flip flops give a whole new meaning to "less is more."

A Michigan-based company has revolutionized this concept by creating a patented technology that allows women to choose from a collection of colorful straps, inspired by some of the hippest cities and hottest beaches around, to change the look of flip flops in an instant. With a couple quick clicks, the newest craze in warm weather shoes lets the wearer go from outfit to outfit with only a change in the style strap design.

Whether it's a chic look you're after or something more glam, customized flip flops are like having 100 pairs of shoes in one. Gone are the days of having to purchase various pairs of shoes to go with every outfit. All that's needed is one sole and several style strap designs that will go with everything

Recently, some of Hollywood's biggest celebrities "clicked in" to this top fashion trend, as these fabulous womens flip flops made their own premiere at an Oscar gift lounge, where Hollywood's elite were a-buzz over the interchangeable style strap designs to go with the sole of their choice. The company was selected from hundreds of gift manufacturers to join the 2009 Style Garden Oscar gift lounge hosted by Secret Room Events at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. The opportunity was a designer's dream, given all those that are vying for a spot in the "swag bags" given out prior to the Oscars. This spring, keep an eye out for celebrities who will be taking advantage of this "less is more" look in womens flip flops.

But you don't have to be an A-lister to recognize how versatile customized flip flops are for those on the go. Whether a favorite local beach or a weekend getaway to more exotic ports of call, the spring and summer months are a popular time to travel. Customized flip flops are the ultimate shoe for travel. With soles in hand, women can create one look for the beach, another for a day of shopping, and still another for a romantic evening dinner. Imagine wearing the same womens sandals on Saturday morning to the farmer's market and then later out for drinks with friends in the evening. The only difference is a woman can sport a completely different look to both outings by changing the style of the straps.

Another big plus for customized womens sandals is the ability to pack only one pair of casual shoes for getaways. Packing has never been so fun and easy now that you only need one pair of soles and favorite style straps for the trip. It may even save you the cost and inconvenience of checking additional luggage at the airport.

Customized womens flip flops take the guesswork out of matching shoes with your warm weather outfits " from casual shorts and t-shirts to those fun, flirty dresses. They're also a great choice for the budget-conscious, looking to make the most of their seasonal fashion investment. More importantly, they're a terrific choice for anyone who loves the idea that one pair of womens sandals can provide such infinite possibilities.
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